Barbara Domsky - Children’s Art Coordinator

Barbara has lived her entire life as an artist. Her education and upbringing were anything but conventional. Born in Los Angeles, CA. she was raised by parents who believed that travel and exposure to the culture was invaluable. With her family she traveled to many foreign countries. Visiting museums and art galleries was a part of her informal education. It was this exposure to the arts that brought her love and respect of creating to the forefront of her being. By age nine, both her artistic ability and her path were realized and her parents enrolled her in private instruction in the arts as a part of her formal education. At age fourteen Barbara and her family settled in South Africa where she began her studies more intensely in a high school which offered a four year program with focus on Art History, Practical Art, Art Appreciation and Interior Design. After graduating she continued her college studies in design and graphics. At age 24 Barbara returned to America and eventually settled in Las Vegas, NV. Where she met and married her husband, fellow artist, Larry Domsky. Together they built their company Domsky Glass. Self-taught as a glass artists, her unique style and approach to glass making has resulted in commissions by such clients as Chef Charlie Palmer, City of Hope Hospital, Cirque Du Soleil, Bellagio Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, to mention a few. Barbara’s primary focus, throughout her years as a glass artist, has been in her creation of two continuous and extensive series of glass panels for wall mounting. Her extensive travels through Africa, and her love of the people and culture lent to her continued series of glass art panels titled “African Blanket Series” which consisted 41”x41” glass panels which have been privately sold to art collectors throughout the world. Glass panels from this series were shown at Fasso Gallery in Kansas City, MO. and were sponsored by Disney Productions in celebration of the opening of the Disney’s Broadway award winning musical “The Lion King” in K.C., MO. In 2009. In 2015 Barbara began developing a new series titled “Prana Series” which she attributes to her long time personal practice in yoga and mediation. This series includes her “Zen Sculptures” and her “Geode” wall hanging sculptures. “Both series balance a complete reflection of who I am. My “Blanket Series” is attributed to the influences of my childhood, my travels and the country of my childhood home, while my “Prana Series” speaks of my efforts for balance and enlightenment. I see one series as my “roots” and the other as my “wings”. Collections of Barbara’s glass have been published in “Trends Architectural Magazine”, “HD Magazine”, Sources and Design” and televised by HGTV’s “Designing for the Sexes, HGTV’s “Christmas Special 2008”, “PBS Television” “Art Scene” and “National Geographic's”. Today, her gallery work is represented by Wynn and Encore Hotels in Las Vegas where she works from her 10,000 glass studio, located less than one mile from the Vegas Strip. Barbara often works in collaboration with her husband Larry, who is also a life-long artist in the medium of both glass and metal. All of Barbara’s work in entirely original and completely handmade by the artist herself. Public Installations of Barbara’s fused glass include two 90’x 19.5’ dichroic glass and metal wall sculptures created with her husband and business partner, Larry Domsky, for McCarran International Airport, T3. Completed May 2012. Titled “Sunset Mirage” and “Cloud 9” fabricated to reflect the beauty of the skies of Las Vegas.