Larry Domsky - Children’s Art Coordinator

Born in Philadelphia, PA. in 1960, Larry realized early his love of creating. His long-standing professional career as an artist began professionally at age 18 when he worked as an apprentice metal fabricator in Las Vegas, NV. building the stage set of the production show “Jubilee”. Larry’s early accomplishments in metal included the 1984 Summer Olympics closing ceremony stage set fabrication, set scenery for film star Sylvester Stallone’s “Over the Top” and the Memorial to James Brown commissioned by the United States Post Office. As Las Vegas bloomed into the Entertainment Capital of the World, Larry’s opportunities in metal fabrication grew along with it and led him to assist in producing MGM Hotel’s life-size recreation of the “Emerald City”, as artist and creator of Bellagio Hotel’s 20’x15’ Fall Cornucopia for their opening of the hotel, creating Nike’s 12’ stainless steel and aluminum benches for their location in the Caesar's Forum Shops and designing and producing Mandalay Bay’s chandelier and stage sets for Storm Theater, to name a few. In 1990 Larry’s opportunities extended to include the fabrication of glass when a residential client asked him to create artistic doors and sculptures with glass and metal. Stepping into this new medium excited Larry with the possibilities and from there it all began. Having recently met his wife of today, Barbara Domsky, they began to collaborate in design and acquiring glass equipment to produce blown glass chandeliers, fused glass sculptures, and artistic metal fabrication for hospitality, corporate and residential design. His gallery work coveys his love of the ocean reefs. His sculptures have been represented by Neiman Marcus and Wynn and Encore Hotel, Las Vegas and in galleries across the USA and globally. Today, Larry crafts expertly in both mediums of glass and metal art. His work is commissioned nationally and internationally. His large-scale sculpture in glass and metal can be found throughout the Las Vegas Strip where he and his wife and fellow artist, Barbara Domsky, work together in their 10,000 square foot “Domsky Glass Studio” in the business of creating beautiful glass since 1990. In 2012 Larry completed two 90’x 19.5’ dichroic glass and metal wall sculptures created for McCarran International Airport, T3. Titled “Sunset Mirage” and “Cloud 9” fabricated to reflect the beauty of the skies of Las Vegas. That same year he was commissioned to create a 40’ x 25’ (overall) blown glass sculpture for Vegas PBS and donor wall. In the recent years, Larry has turned his focus to artistic lighting. His lit sculptures have been commissioned by celebrities, hotels in Las Vegas, across the United States and internationally. In Dec. 2016 Domsky Glass will be opening a new venue called “The Studio LV”, where live glass blowing demonstrations and glass workshops will be held. Check our website for the date to be announced.