Paint to canvas, hand to clay, light to film and beauty captured in time. From the pointed messages of propaganda to the intellectual transformation of the renaissance, art captures our history and allows it to live in perpetuity. We invite you to feast your eyes and decorating desires on our gallery of donated pieces for auction. Our exhibition includes pieces created by world-renowned artists and children from the Cure 4 the Kids clinic living right here in our own backyard.

In collaboration with the Domsky Glass Studio, an Art Party is hosted by the Domsky’s grandson, Kaiden. Young patients from the Cure 4 the Kids clinic, along with their friends and family members are invited to take part in the annual Children’s Art Party. The pieces created are showcased in the silent auction gallery of Circus Couture. During our live auction we bid off a collaboration piece created by a fine artist in our community and the children and their families affected by pediatric cancer.

Events such as the Children’s Art party can make a huge impact on the children of the clinic and their families. It is giving the kids a moment to be just that….a kid, without having to worry about “counts” or “infusing”.

If you or someone you know is interested in donating art for Circus Couture.  Please email