Featuring the wildest, most over the top, avant-garde fashions Las Vegas designers can dream up, our Fashion Runways showcase the creativity and originality of those with a love for the needle and thread (and sometimes balloons). The event features two runway shows that will leave you wondering “how did they come up with that?!”

Our Collaboration Runway features designs created by incredibly talented costume designers, both local and from around the country. Several months before the event, “the call” is sent designs pour in and a runway is built to reflect the Circus Couture theme for the year. With the help of our committee members, Designers are paired up with experienced Models and together, they rock the runway!

In addition to our Collaboration Runway, we open our stage to a designer or designer duo each year, allowing the designer to solely showcase what they have created. Over the years our stage has been blessed with multiple, incomparable looks designed and created by Jenny Leigh Du Puis Jennifer Henry of Flockflockflock, Wendy Eberardt-Petrick, Tawny Bubbles, Jeffrey DeBarathy & Georgia Richardson.

In addition to the designers, our Hair & Makeup team continues to wow spectators with each dazzling look they produce. At the heart of this team is a dynamic duo that specializes in wig making, wig styling, hair styling, beauty makeup, fantasy makeup, air-brushing and special effects makeup.

Check out this awesome video created by 2014 Collaboration Designers, Georgia Richardson & Jeffery deBarathy . Georgia and Jeffery have been selected as our Feature Designers for 2015 and we are thrilled to be able to offer them a platform; allowing them to showcase their magnificent pieces!